Who We Are

Art For ChangeWhat We Do

The Sophie Muwanika Institute (TSMI) is a non-profit youth led organization based in Kampala- Uganda. TSMI strives to promote young people active, responsible and continuing participation in local and global development.

We invest in the arts making use of them more than an entertainment tool but as a tool to educate, advocate, and foster entrepreneurship, peace, unity and development.

Our StoryWhy The Arts Matter

Experimenting with new ideas, challenging audiences and experiencing new ways of working are all central to the arts. Artists encourage us to see things anew.

The arts promote a culture of learning, inquiry and creativity. They bring together diverse communities, respecting their distinct tradition and strengthening understanding.

Arts and cultural expression are an important part of our daily lives, are part of our identity and reflect our values.

Our Objectives

  • To work towards offering equal opportunities for all youth to participate in their communities so as to foster proper transformation of communities
  • To promote public awareness, interest and participation in using theater and theater modules as a tool for education and advocacy
  • To foster valued and meaningful youth involvement in developing approaches to solve or control substantial problems like HIV/AIDS,gender based violence,unemployment, among others
  • To create platforms for young people to share and disseminate information, experiences and build unity
  • To contribute to both the voices raised towards poverty eradication and sustainable development through the rights-based approach; and building of a culture of peace and observance of human rights in society.
  • To promote creativity in reflection and collaboration between the young people and adults for sustainable peace and development.
  • To undertake research and provide avenues for dissemination of information on human rights, gender, HIV/AIDS, good governance, peace and conflict resolution through performances, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, seminars, mobile theaters and production of appropriate materials.

Meet theAmazing Team

We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about the performing arts.

We believe that the key to successful a fundamental change is teamwork, and we have assembled a team with unmatched experience and passion.
Team Leader

Namulondo Rashida

Brand Manager

Elena Lou Saras


Lucretia Mafalou